We are thrilled to announce the much-anticipated results of the 2023 CEO.CA Stock Picking Competition! This year's competition saw exceptional participation from our community members.

2,300 users competed for a shot at the $2.5K prize making 6,900 stock picks. In total, 1,604 different stocks were selected across the TSXV, TSX, CSE, NEO, NASDAQ, NYSE, OTCQX/QB, LSE and ASX.

Unsurprisingly, 58% of all stocks submitted are in the Metals & Mining sector. 9% were from Tech, 8% Energy, 8% Healthcare and 5% Industrials alongside Cannabis, Crypto, Chemicals, Finance and Communication Services rounding out the top 10. 

In First Place - @HMcDuckHughes with a total return of +396.7% thanks to a timely pick of $AMQ! Lucky Duck. Rounding out the Top 20 we have @printman44, @dirkdiggler, @fonf4000, @GoldenRetriever, @Happ1968, @Bullshat, @SB4, @grip, @nachoguru, @E-quill, @JGMS, @MurrkyWaters, @TOxray, @nirso, @DesertBloom, @rabache, @Ralph, @sigmund, @Scorpio2.  Most of them had a $BIG year thanks to Hercules Silver's Olympian sized 2023 run. 

Our team will be reaching out soon to award your prizes!

A special mention to @TraderGroot, @Puffpuff, @Joshuabugatti, @Imaze and @lithiumgold for the worst returns of the contest (-82.7% --87.7%) We've all been there! 

Curious to see where you stand among the best pickers in our community? Dive into the complete results and look for your name on the 2023 leaderboard 2023 Leaderboard Here (https://ceo.ca/?tab=stockpickingcontest)

Congratulations to everyone who participated this year! We're making the junior markets great again, one stock at a time.  The 2024 Leaderboard will be live soon. Stay tuned for more updates posted to #StockPickingContest