In a world where market volatility reigns and fortunes rise and fall with the tide of trade, comes a challenge like no other. This is CEO.CA's Stock Picking Contest – a high-stakes arena where only the bravest investors dare to venture.  

The quest to conquer the 2024 CEO.CA stock picking contest has begun! With $3K on the line, 2,182 contestants will fight head-to-head to  emerge victorious and etch their name amongst the trading legends.


With 6,546 stock picks spanning various exchanges including the TSXV, TSX, CSE, NEO, NASDAQ, NYSE, OTCQX/QB, LSE, and ASX, this year's battle is set to be fiercely competitive, featuring 1,471 unique investments.

Let’s explore the breakdown of the stocks selected for this year's contest. The roster of most frequently chosen stocks includes $BIG, $MDMA, $VPT, $AMQ, $EMO, $GRAT, $HUT, $BRW, and $NFG, with $NILI taking the lead at 187 picks. Together, these top 10 stocks account for 839 of the 6,546 total picks.

Interestingly, 31% of competitors (682) opted for one or more of the top-performing names mentioned above. Will the winner forge their own path or follow those who choose to be like the rest?

The accompanying graph illustrates the top 20 stocks that were favored in the contest.

Top 20 - 2024 Competition Stock Picks

The sectoral distribution of stocks chosen for this year's contest reveals a clear preference among participants.  62% of the picks, are in the Metals & Mining Sector. This is followed by Technology (8%), Healthcare (7%), Energy (5%), and Crypto (4%) with the remainder spread amongst Industrial, Cannabis, Financial Services, Chemical, and various other sectors.

The year ahead may unfold with its share of turbulence, but we applaud those who have decided to stay the course with us as we navigate the crests and troughs of the trading seas.

Top 10 Sector Distribution 

Gold once again claims the throne, captivating 20% of the audience's attention. It's closely matched by Diversified Metals & Mining, also at 20%, followed by Software (10%), Oil & Gas (5%), and Lithium (3%). Notably, the lower-than-expected picks for Uranium raise questions, especially with its prices reaching triple digits.

This year's investor choices are both diverse and mining-centric. Time will tell whether these strategies will lead to triumph or setback. As the days unfold, we eagerly await to see who will emerge as the true stock wizard.

Top 10 Industry Distribution

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Best of luck to everyone—we await eagerly for the results. 

Remember, in the end, only one will ascend to claim the throne (currently held by @HMcDuckHughes).